Rebecca Steinfeld I believe relationships in which you feel understood and valued are healing. We need to feel safe in order to explore the issues we struggle with. I work to create a strong and affirming connection in therapy from which we can together identify or clarify your difficulties and begin to envision and create new possibilities, helping you to feel more connected to yourself and others.

My approach pulls from my training in both relational psychodynamic therapy and cognitive techniques. Our accumulated experiences and relationships affect how we navigate the world, including our current relationships, decisions, and reactions to life events. Life changes in particular can trigger unexpected feelings. I believe each of us can overcome these challenges, but it can be hard to find our way in isolation. I am an active participant in what I view as a collaborative process, working at your pace and focusing on the areas in your life where you are seeking relief or change. I don’t believe therapy works with the therapist telling you what to do or not do; I offer thoughts and insight where appropriate and my goal is to help you move through your life with more confidence and ease.

I work with adolescents, adults, and couples. My areas of specialty include:

Loss and grief
Relationship difficulties
Postpartum/prenatal depression
Issues related to creating families through donation (sperm/egg/embryo, anonymous/known), surrogacy and adoption
LGBTQ families
Issues related to sexuality and gender identity
Issues related to HIV status

Image credit: Seedling (CC 2.0) by Ray_from_LA